Antenatal care / Midwifery consultation

The new service of Villa Medicina is a weekly birth preparation program run by midwife and sonographer Viktória Vasvári. In addition, on Saturdays, everyone will have the opportunity to attend a private obstetric consultation with Viki along with the group trainer, who will help everyone and answer questions about pregnancy and the postpartum period. It also provides help with genetic tests and tests to solve specific health problems.

During the preparation programme of childbirth she provides 4 + 1 informal conversations on pregnancy and childbirth, as well as genetic issues, 90 minutes at a time.

Midwifery consultation

Midwifery consultation (30 min) – 8.000 HUF
Midwifery consultation (60 min) – 12.000 HUF

Birth preparation

Private birth preparation (individual, 90 min) – 16.000 HUF
Private birth preparation (for couples, 90 min) – 16.000 HUF
Private birth preparation (5 sessions) – 60.000 HUF

Group birth preparation (5 sessions)* – 40.000 HUF / person

*The group birth preparation starts from 5 persons.

For more information about the 4 + 1 events and personal consultation, visit and sign up at
 Welcome Viki Vasvári as a member of the Villa Medicina team