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I felt a lump in my neck, my weight became unstable, my blood pressure also fluctuated, I was tired and energized. What tests do I need?

In the first step, the task is to assess abnormal thyroid function and abnormalities detected during the neck ultrasound examination (thyroid nodules), then medication, possible isotope therapy, or surgical intervention may be among the solutions.

I've had a headache for quite some time and my vision is also deteriorating, I'm tired and I'm not the same in my sexual life. What tests do I need?

The solutions may include the examination, treatment and care of hormone-producing and non-hormone-producing pituitary gland tumors (benign, "adenoma").

My period was sparse at first, then stopped for quite some time, while breast discharge appeared. What reasons could be behind it?

Disturbances in the production of the hormone prolactin and its clinical symptoms may be the cause. Examining the relationship between body weight and hormone balance, as well as uncovering possible internal medicine and endocrinological causes of menstrual disorders, can be of great importance.

I haven't given birth yet, can I still use an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD)?

Yes, both hormone-free and hormonal intrauterine contraceptive devices are recommended for women who have not given birth.

I've been gaining weight for years, I've become diabetic, my blood pressure is high, and blackberry-colored stripes "stria" have appeared on my abdominal wall. What could be the reason for this?

Clinical symptoms of hormone overproduction by the adrenal cortex and suspicion of the so-called Cushing's syndrome may occur, so we establish an appropriate diagnosis and treatment strategy.

Why can't the general practitioner and internist adjust my blood pressure?

In this case, it is recommended to explore the causes of the secondary high blood pressure disease and to set up a special drug or other treatment.

My muscles are tired, I have frequent muscle spasms and muscle pains. What is the reason of this?

Disturbances of Ca homeostasis, abnormally high or abnormally low values ​​and its clinical implications may be behind this.