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I'm pregnant, when should I have my first test?

Starting from the first day of the last bleeding, in the fifth week of pregnancy, the scrotum is already visible with an ultrasound examination, which proves that the pregnancy is located inside the uterus (it is not an ectopic pregnancy), so this week is the right one for the first examination.

Is it a big deal if I experience little bleeding in the first trimester?

In the first trimester, light, brownish or possibly red bleeding is common. In the majority of cases, this does not represent a serious problem, but of course you can only be sure with an ultrasound examination.

I want a baby, how long should I wait for the tests if I don't succeed?

We recommend starting the examination after one year under the age of 35 and half a year after the age of 35. Of course, in case of any other complaint (irregular cycle, burdensome medical history, etc.), it is worth starting with tests.

If I go to Villa Medicina for pregnancy care, which tests should I have done elsewhere?

All tests during pregnancy can be performed at Villa Medicina, including complete prenatal care, laboratory tests, EKG, genetic screening tests, CTG (NST) tests, etc.