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The services of vouchers that can be purchased by Villa Medicina are provided by partners in a contractual relationship with Villa Medicina. Villa Medicina selects its partners with special care and does everything to ensure that the services are truly enjoyable. An appointment prior to using Villa Medicinas vouchers is mandatory, however, they may differ for different vouchers.

With Villa Medicina vouchers, you can use the services provided by Villa Medicina. Each voucher has a Voucher number, which must be presented when using the services purchased with the voucher.

If you do not want to use the purchased voucher or give it as a gift, and you notify our customer service in writing within 60 days of the purchase at the e-mail address info@villamedicina.hu, in accordance with the right of withdrawal, we will fully refund the value of the purchased voucher with any packaging and delivery fees together.

After purchase, the voucher can be exchanged for any other experience free of charge until the end of the voucher’s validity period and before its use. If the value of the selected experience exceeds the value of the purchased voucher, the difference must be reimbursed, and the exchange is also free of charge in this case.

Vouchers are valid until the date indicated on the voucher or 12 months from the date of purchase. The validity of the voucher can be shorter than 12 months for special and seasonal programs, please pay attention to the indicated validity period. The validity period of the voucher cannot be changed. The voucher must be used during this time, so we recommend that you make an appointment for the chosen services as soon as possible!

You cannot participate in our services with an invalid voucher!

You cannot participate in the services without the voucher, therefore the electronic voucher downloaded online must be printed and handed over to the service partner of Villa Medicina at the location of the program in the same way as the voucher delivered by courier service or post.

Before using the voucher, an appointment is always required. The voucher can only be used once. The voucher must always be kept in a safe place. Villa Medicina is not responsible for the loss of the voucher or its misuse. The participant can participate in the service at his own risk. The Villa Medicina voucher is freely transferable, so it can also be given as a gift, as long as the name of the other person wishing to use the voucher has not previously been written on it.


Guarantee for service cancellation or replacement

In the case of vouchers ordered online, we can accept the cancellation of the ordered service until it is handed over to the delivery courier or received by post. Please send your possible modification request to the e-mail address info@villamedicina.hu.

It may happen that for reasons beyond our control (e.g., due to technical reasons) the date of a specific service needs to be cancelled. If possible, our service partner will notify you of such a cancellation as soon as possible and offer alternative dates. Unfortunately, Villa Medicina is unable to reimburse you for any costs incurred due to cancellation.

If you paid for the voucher before using the services but did not use all the services included in the voucher, we are unfortunately unable to refund the difference after the purchase.


Description of services

The information provided by Villa Medicina always corresponds to reality. In exceptional cases, however, we may need to make some changes, to enrich the experience or for other reasons. You can give detailed information about all services to our reception, which can be called on 06 70 625 7975. A detailed description of the experiences can also be found in our online store.


Illustrations and pictures of services

The images shown in the online store and in the promotional materials are illustrations, which are real, but may differ slightly from the actual conditions in some cases. We strive for the illustrations to present the given service as best as possible.


Location of services

Most of the services that can be used by Villa Medicina vouchers take place in the Villa Medicina building. An exception to this is the location of the photo shoot of the Baby Mama in the Baby-Mama package. This takes place at one of the locations offered by our partner. If a location you have chosen ceases to exist, we will offer another one instead.


Duration of services

Each specified period represents an estimated value, which may vary from case to case. The time periods given by us are informative and we try to adhere to them.


Book an appointment

Vouchers offered by Villa Medicina can be used at free times offered by our assistants and service partners. You can get up-to-date information on bookable appointments from our reception staff and partners at the following contact details (06 70 625 7975, info@villamedicina.hu). Our assistants and partners will do their best to ensure you the selected date. We recommend that you make your reservation at least 1 week before the selected date.



We welcome feedback on the services used. Please write your comments, positive or negative evaluations to the e-mail address info@villamedicina.hu. We always respond to the letters we receive.


Additional terms and conditions

The prices indicated in our promotional materials and in our online store are gross prices, including VAT. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice, which we publish in our online store.

If Villa Medicina makes any claim because of an omission or error, Villa Medicina’s compensation obligation does not exceed the original value of the service.

The texts, images and illustrations shown in the promotional materials are protected by copyright. Therefore, copying them without permission is strictly prohibited!

All the above conditions and requirements apply to all persons who purchase and use a Villa Medicinas voucher.

Villa Medicina reserves the right to change the rules without prior notice, which will be published here on the website.


Data protection

Villa Medicina complies with the Hungarian legal obligations in terms of data protection and works accordingly during its work. We are aware that the data entrusted to us:


They must be treated honorably and legally.

They can only be used for certain specific purposes.

They are only kept for as long as necessary.

They can be handled considering the rights of the persons belonging to the data.

Under no circumstances can they get out of the company’s systems.