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    1. The prize draw is organized by Villa Medicina (Global Hedge Consulting Group Kft.). address: 1126 Budapest, Szendi u. 16., hereinafter: (the “Organizer”)
    2. The persons participating in the prize draw.


    All natural persons over the age of 18 with a permanent residence in Hungary can participate in the prize draw. (the participants”)


    1. Participation rule


    1. All natural persons over the age of 18 with a permanent residence in Hungary can participate in the prize draw.
    2. The winner agrees to collect his prize at Villa Medicina (1126 Budapest, Szendi u. 16.) or to deliver it to the address provided by the Organizer via the post office.
    3. The winner consents to the Organizer taking a photo of the award and publishing it on the official Facebook page of Villa Medicina.
    4. The Participant agrees to provide his personal data to the Organizer if this is necessary for participation in the game. The Participant expressly agrees that this data will be collected by Villa Medicina and made available to Villa Medicina’s staff. Villa Medicina protects the privacy rights of the Participants in all cases. Personal data collected from participants will be used for the purpose of processing the prize draw and notifying the winners. Furthermore, the participant expressly agrees that his/her Personal Data may be used to send information about Villa Medicina’s services, advertising materials and other commercial information, such as materials about the products of Villa Medicina’s business partners.


    1. Prizes

    The Organizer determines the prize at the start of the prize draw and reserves the right to replace the prize with another prize of similar value during the prize draw and after the end of the draw.


    1. Lottery

    The Organizer will select a winner by manual drawing in all cases where the Regulations do not specifically deviate from this. In case of suspicion of fraud, the Organizer reserves the right to draw a new winner.


    1. Announcement of winners, receipt of prizes

    The winner(s) consent(s) to the Organizer publishing the name(s) of the winner(s) on the social media page of the prize draw (Facebook, Instagram) in the form of a comment under the prize draw post after the end of the draw. The winner(s) consent(s) to the person designated by the Organizer contacting the winner(s) via private message. If the winner(s) do not respond to the letter within 5 working days, the Organizer is obliged to try to contact them again, after which the winner(s) have another 2 working days to respond. If the winner(s) do not respond to their inquiry within 7 working days, the Organizer reserves the right to draw new winner(s). The prize will be handed over in person or by post. The winner(s) expressly consents to the creation of photographic documentation of the handover, which the Organizer can later use on its official social media (Facebook, Instagram) page. By accepting the prize, the winner(s) agree(s) to participate in promotional activities, and the Organizer reserves the right to use the winner(s) name, photograph, audio and/or video recording of the winner(s) in any mass media. during, unless the winner has previously requested an exception to this.


    1. The prize tax

    The tax on the prize is paid by the Organizer in accordance with Hungarian law, so the winner does not have any payment obligations arising from the prize. The winner must prove his/her identity before receiving the prize.


    1. Information about the prize draw

    The rules of the prize game can be found on the website www.villamedicina.hu.


    1. Miscellaneous Provisions

    Participating in the game means automatic acceptance of the official game rules, which players can view online at www.villamedicina.hu from the day the game is announced until the 30th day after the end of the game.

    In cases of disputes related to the rules, Villa Medicina’s decision is final, and it will not enter any correspondence in this regard.

    After receiving the prize, the Organizer assumes no responsibility for any objections that may arise in connection with it.

    After receiving the prize, any complaints about the prize can be sent to the winner’s e-mail (info@villamedicina.hu) or by post to Villa Medicina (Global Hedge Consulting Group Kft.) 1126 Bp. Szendi u. You can do so by letter sent to address 16. The winner must provide a detailed description of the reason for the complaint and attach all related background documentation. You can file a complaint within 14 days of receiving the prize, which will be investigated on an individual basis. After receiving the complaint, the Organizer will specify the expected time of investigation and remedy.

    Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash. The conditions for awarding the prize are determined by mutual agreement between Villa Medicina and the winner. The prize claim expires 2 months after the drawing of the given prize.

    The Organizer does not distribute other prizes beyond those listed in these Game Rules. The pictures shown on the communication materials of the prize draw (flyer, banner, etc.) are only illustrations, the Organizer can only be obliged to hand over the gifts specified in the official game rules.

    None of the conditions may create any kind of contractual relationship between the Participants and Villa Medicina.

    Hungarian law governs the interpretation and implementation of the regulations, and Villa Medicina and the Participants may refer disputes to the Hungarian Court of Justice.