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+36 70 625 7975

Outside working hours:

I went to medical school in Estonia, graduating in 1994. From the very first minute, my goal was obstetrics and gynecology, and by the time I was five, I was completely confident that this would be my profession. Arriving in Hungary, I started as a free trainee at the 1st Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Semmelweis University, headed by Professor Zoltán Papp, and then continued my professional activity here.

I consider obstetrics itself to be my heart’s desire, I really like my profession. It is always fascinating the emergence and birth of a new life, just as the intrauterine behavior of a human being shows unique traits that then accompany and develop further after birth. Our work is a very complex activity, pregnant care, the orders are not just about the activity required by the protocol, but about our patients, people and families. We also provide a kind of psychological guidance during the process of preparation for motherhood. I really enjoy the way I spend nine months of pregnancy communicating with expectant moms and dads, it’s a very rewarding and complex task. I don’t have a patient I met as part of my pediatric prescription, and then as a gynecologist I was able to follow her from adolescence to adulthood, I was there at her wedding, and then I witnessed having a baby. I am very happy to think about these moments.

I like to spend my free time traveling, and my husband and I try to get to many places. He also has another hobby with which he is “infected” me: researching and collecting oldtimer cars passionately, and this world has captivated me as well. I help him find these cars, we go to shows, we meet several of our friends on such occasions. I really enjoy reading, be it crime, classical or contemporary literature, I always love to get my hands on a book.