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+36 70 625 7975

I do sonography since 1993, and have being trained as a healthcare assistant in sonography, obstetrics and gynaecology diagnostics. In order to train for the 12th weeks screening, I obtained an FMF qualification. I love my profession and consider professionalism, patience, perseverence, and psychological and professional support to patients as the most important elements of my job.

I consider it necessary to explain and show what and why I investigate each question and to give satisfactory answers to all of the questions. It is also amazing to me how true-to-life images can be in my baby cinema with the new fetoscope and 5D technology. I’m happy to show you the new family member and we’re happy for a nice smile and a mimicry. With patience and enough time there are nice experiences for those who come to us. In a beautiful, elegant environment, we welcome all our expectant mothers and family members with the modern technology.





With perseverance, patience, and time, I try to show the baby’s development in the uterus and provide an unforgettable experience and a valuable, lasting memory for the family.

I graduated from Semmelweis University, Faculty of Health Sciences in 2017 as a midwife. Later, I obtained a degree in obstetrics and gynecology at Széchenyi István University in Győr.

I think I have one of the most beautiful professions, as I can accompany the birth of a family and a new life.

As a midwife, I was able to see and help the wonders of pregnancy and birth, and as a sonographer, I am able to follow through the long, waiting for 9 months.