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Make your Pregnancy unforgettable with our FETAL HEART SOUND PACKAGES!


3D technology

3D technology is based on 2D photography technology, where the 3rd dimension stands for depth. During the examination, the ultrasound device allows for a colour picture that can be rotated and edited, so that the picture you see becomes more visible and accessible. It can be more easily located in space, so that the mother and the family can have a more enriching visual experience.

inside pregnancy video

With the development of technology, the pace of 3D picture creation accelerated, so that a real-time moving picture series can be visualized with the help of 4D technology, where the 4th dimension stands for time. In other words, after adding the dimensions of space and depth, one can see a real-time video of the baby‘s movements in the mother‘s womb.


For those who would like to meet their baby as early as possible, we advise to do it during week 13-16.

Those who are very curious about the baby’s face and would like to admire its facial features, a date during the 26th – 32nd week is the most appropriate timing.

After the 32nd week, the position of the fetus and the amount of amniotic fluid is ideal and at this point the facial features of the fetus already resemble its face at birth.

share it online

In all cases, the Baby Movie is recorded and, if required, also broadcast LIVE, and then transmitted ONLINE together with the saved images. We will also print the most beautiful (1-2 pieces) of the saved pictures, which will be given as a gift to our Mothers-to-be together with the gift photo holder after the examination.

You can not only enjoy Baby Cinema live with us, but you can also SHARE this special experience with others at the same time.

With the help of the Babyscreen service, thanks to the livestream technology, other members of your family and friends can be part of the ONLINE experience with the Baby.


Nine months seems like a long time, but in retrospect it’s just a moment that, if not captured, can be forgotten. At Villa Medicina, we try to provide services for our mothers-to-be and their families, which allow us to look back on the joyful moments of the Baby Expectation at any time. For this reason, in addition to our 4D and 5D Baby Cinemas, we have created fetal heart ultrasound packages that can make this stage of pregnancy even more joyful by means of plush bears that record fetal heart sounds.

"Boy or girl?" Ultrasound

Nowadays, almost every parent-to-be wants to find out the gender of their unborn child as early as possible, so that they can accordingly buy all the necessary things until the arrival of the new family member and arrange the children’s room according to the baby’s gender.

Are you curious about the gender of your unborn child?

You can find out at Villa Medicina!


We recommend it to all Expectant Mothers who would like to have a memory of this wonderful and unforgettable period and also want to show it to their relatives and friends.

It is important to know that sometimes you may not see the Baby’s face during examination. It often happens that, although we do everything, we can to see the face of the fetus developing in the womb (positioning, walking, eating, drinking), we are not always successful in this area, as it happens that the Baby covers his face or the Mother’s spine turns during the entire duration of the examination.

Of course, the Baby Movie is not an unsuccess in this case either, because it can give the Expecting Parents a great experience to see the tiny body parts (ears, small hands, legs, or even locks of hair) of the Baby moving or sleeping, and every time a biometric measurement is performed.

The satisfaction of Expectant Mothers and Fathers is extremely important to us, therefore, if the Uterus did not show its face during the entire examination, there is an opportunity for a second 15-minute session at a later time (which costs only HUF 5,000), when the Fetus may be in a more favorable position and we can see its face (his smile, facial expressions).

We would like to inform you that for our Inside Pregnancy Video services, 50% of the service fee must be transferred in advance to confirm the reservation!