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Internal medicine is the clinic‘s „compass“, the most comprehensive area of medicine, serving to assess and evaluate the harmonious functioning of the body and integrating the knowledge of each special field.

The most significant related special fields are the following:

With the help of today‘s complex approach to internal medicine, a comprehensive medical expertise and the most up-to-date testing methods, this field is also particularly important with regards to disease prevention and health maintenance.

The internist – the internal medicine doctor – carefully records the patient‘s medical history (anamnesis) and asks the patient to report on his current problems, followed by an all-round physical check and blood pressure test.

Getting to know details about the disease, its background and the patient‘s medical history, as well as the checks mentioned here are indispensable in order to be able to provide a correct diagnosis and to develop the appropriate treatment strategy.

The internist thus can advance using his profound theoretical knowledge and applying numerous examination methods. He will suggest specific consultations and examinations, in order to finally ensure the patient‘s healing.

The patient always stands at the centre of the healing process, but the way to her or his complete healing is done together in teamwork, involving the cooperation of different specialists to ensure an optimal treatment leading to the possibility of complete recovery!