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Nine months seems like a long time, but in retrospect it’s just a moment that, if not captured, can be forgotten. At Villa Medicina, we try to provide services for our mothers-to-be and their families, which allow to look back on the joyful moments of the Baby Expectation at any time. For this reason, in addition to our Inside Pregnancy Video, we have created fetal ultrasound packages that can make this stage of pregnancy even more memorable by plush animals which can record heartbeats of the Fetus.

The plush bears that record the fetal heartbeat are special ultrasound products developed by researchers, which, with the help of Villa Medicina’s sonographer, enable expectant mothers to listen to and record the heartbeat of their Fetus and then show it to their entire family.

How does the heart rate recorder in the plush bear work?

How does the heart rate recorder in the plush bear work?

The fetal heart sound recording plush sets contain 1 plush animal and a heart-shaped sound recorder.

The heart-shaped sound recorder placed in the plush animal selected in the fetal heartbeat package is activated during the ultrasound examination, which can record the Baby’s heartbeat for 20 seconds. After recording, the heart-shaped recorder is taken back to the pocket of the plush bear. Simply press the stuffed animal’s belly to hear the heartbeat, or press the belly again to stop, or wait 20 seconds for the recording to end.

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Fetal heartbeat package I.

Fetal heartbeat package I. – Plush set + heartbeat

This package includes the plush bear of your choice, the heart-shaped sound recorder placed inside, and the heart sound recorded by the sonographer.


Price: HUF 23,990

Fetal heartbeat package II.

Fetal heartbeat package II. – Plush set + heartbeat + 2 photos

This package includes the plush animal you have chosen, the heart-shaped sound recorder placed in it, the heart sound recorded by the sonographer, and the photos taken of the fetus by the sonographer during the ultrasound examination.

Price: HUF 25,990

Fetal heartbeat package III.*

Fetal heartbeat package III. – Plush set + 4D Baby Cinema*

This package includes the plush animal of your choice, the heart-shaped sound recorder placed in it, as well as the 4D ultrasound with video recording and photos taken by our sonographer of the Little Baby developing in the Mother’s womb.

If the gender of the child cannot be determined during the ultrasound due to the unfavorable position of the fetus, we provide the parents with another opportunity at another time at a favorable price.

Price: HUF 40,000

Choose from our special plush bears that record fetal heartbeats!

We would like to inform you that, even when purchasing a package, the plush bears can only be paid for in cash, and for our packages, 50% of the service fee must be transferred in advance to confirm the reservation!

*We would like to inform you that 4D Inside Pregnancy Video is only available in the Fetal Heartbeat package III. contains, the others do not.