FAQ – 4D – 5D Inside Pregnancy Video

When do we recommend the 4D – 5D Inside Pregnancy video?

During the 26th – 31st week, because this is when the amount of amniotic fluid is the highest, and the fetus can be woken easily. Around the 30th week, the orientation of the fetus is often in a so-called breech position, in this case it is a little bit more difficult to see the baby, because it will usually hold its limbs in front of its head. Fortunately, with the help of some movement, a successful examination can be pursued in most cases.

When is this examination successful?

The basic conditions of a successful examination is that the fetus is surrounded by a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid and that it is awake. In cases where the fetus is asleep, it unfortunately needs to be woken up, for example by taking a walk, moving, or eating sweets, and then it needs to be positioned accordingly to succeed with the examination.

How to prepare for the Inside Pregnancy Video?

You don‘t need to prepare a lot for the 4D – 5D Inside Pregnancy Video examination. Previous experience shows that it can be useful not to eat so many sweets before the exam, and then to eat some sweets ½- ¾ hours before the appointment, to drink a light coffee or a soft drink. A lot of expectant mothers report that certain foods or drinks cause their baby to move a lot and to be awake. It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to such foods or drinks in the period before the examination and to consume them before your appointment.

To whom do we recommend our 4D - 5D Inside Pregnancy Video?

We recommend it to everybody who would like to gain an insight into the life of their baby inside the womb, to those who are curious about its movements, facial expressions, its mood, and to those who would like to share this wonderful experience with their whole family. It is important to know that not all examinations are successful at first try, because unfortunately the baby does not know what we expect her or him to do. In the case of a successful examination, you can see wonderful things, even a small smile or grimace on your baby’s face, and you can look at it over and over again thanks to the recorded video file.