FAQ – Chiropractic

When should you consult a chiropractor?

When treating the spine, chiropractic can help with a lot of motor coordination problems. The spine is the centre of the body and its treatment affects the whole nervous system, muscles and of course, the joints as well. We mostly treat babies and children with abnormal head posture, muscle tone problems, breastfeeding problems or spine problems.

From what age can chiropractic treatment be started?

Chiropractic treatment can even be started on the day of birth, but of course it is reasonable to choose a time when the parent feels she or he can bring her or his child to the treatment sessions.

How much force is used during the treatment?

The treatment is done using very fine movements.  A baby or child is evidently treated in a different manner than an adult.  Usually the joint is held softly in a rigid position until it softens, but sometimes very light pressure is necessary (comparable to the pressure exerted with your fingers on the keyboard of a computer).

Is the treatment painful?

The treatment is not painful, because it is adapted to the individual‘s pain threshold. Unfortunately it is common for babies that they have experienced similar, but painful treatments previously and that they therefore react more sensitively to the treatment and may also cry.

How many sessions are necessary?

Of course this depends on the nature of the problem / how long the child has suffered it, but usually 3-5 sessions are sufficient.