FAQ – Parental Care

I am pregnant, when should I see a doctor?

During the fifth week of pregnancy, calculated starting from the first day of your last menstruation, the gestational sac is already visible on the ultrasound. This proves that that the pregnancy is inside your uterus (and that it is not an extra-uterine pregnancy), hence you should see your gynaecologist during the fifth week.

Should I be very worried if I experience light bleeding (spotting) during the first trimester?

During the first trimester, it happens very often that pregnant women experience light bleeding of brown, or maybe red colour. In the majority of cases this there is no problem, but of course in order to be sure, you need to do an ultrasound examination.

I would like to have a baby. How long should I wait before going to the doctor if I do not manage to get pregnant?

You should try for one year if you are below 35 years old, and you should visit the doctor after half a year of not getting pregnant if you are older than 35. Of course, if you experience any problems (irregular menstrual cycle, related medical history), you should visit the doctor earlier.

Where do the doctors working at Villa Medicina carry out deliveries?

The doctors working at Villa Medicina carry out deliveries both at Szent János Hospital and at the Maternity Private Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

If I do the prenatal care at Villa Medicina, do I have to go elsewhere for certain examinations?

Villa Medicina offers all examinations that need to be done during pregnancy, including full prenatal care, laboratory tests, EKG, genetic screening tests, CTG (NST) tests, etc.