FAQ – Gynaecology

When is the best time to have a cervical screening test?

The screening test should definitely not be done during your menstruation, and the best time is during the first half of your cycle.

Can I use a pessary before the examination?

In case you use a pessary because of problems with vaginal discharge, you can of course use a non-prescription pessary to help with the symptoms, but do not insert any type of pessary within 24 hours before your visit to the doctor, because it could render making a diagnosis difficult.

If I have hormonal problems, should I first visit the doctor or first do a hormone blood test?

You should first visit the doctor, because she or he can specify what exactly needs to be tested during a blood test, so you can avoid having to do several blood tests.

How often should I do a routine visit to the gynaecologist?

If you don’t have any complaints, professional practice in Hungary suggests that you should visit your gynaecologist once a year.