Genetic package with 5D sonography 

Are you expecting a baby? 

Buy a discounted Genetics package to help you carry out mandatory genetic testing during your pregnancy to monitor the healthy development of your baby, and to give the whole family an unforgettable 5D baby ultrasound experience!

The I., II., and III. trimester screening examines the possible existence of a number of developmental and chromosomal abnormalities and monitors the healthy development of the fetus, while 5D baby ultrasound scan provides parents with an unforgettable experience of their baby developing in the expecting mother’s tummy.


The package consist:

First trimester extended screening

The first trimester extended scan is a screening to look for possible chromosomal abnormalities.

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Second trimester anatomical screening

The second trimester anatomical scan is a screening for the presence of structural anomalies

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Third trimester screening

Investigation of fetal growth and development in the uterus.

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5D baby sonography

During the 5D Baby Cinema, you will see your Baby in your Tummy in 2D and 3D dimensions, which we recommend for every expecting mother who wants to capture and show their relatives this wonderful, unforgettable time.

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Genetic package + 5D baby sonography: 164.000 HUF instead of 160.00 HUF *

Genetic package of twin pregnancy + 5D baby sonography195.000 HUF instead of 202.000 HUF*

Protection for the Baby, fun for the parents!

The baby sonography recommended from the 26th week of pregnancy.
This offer cannot be combined with any other one.

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