Have you ever wished to become totally hair free?

We have brought to Villa Medicina the world’s first medical diode laser, which can provide comfortable and four times faster full hair removal, than other lasers on the market before.


Why Elysion Pro?

Elysion Pro is a professional laser hair removal system. It’s a high power diode laser system based on the latest research of the medicine.

With this laser all kinds of skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale can be treated quickly, painlessly and with maximum safety all year long.

Revolutionary novelty, that treatments can be done all year long even in summer on tanned skin.

Is the epilation really permanent with Elysion Pro?

The machine is able to give a definitive, hairless result in case the guest observes some fundamental rules, revealing his potential hygienic problems, continues the treatments accepting the specialist’s instructions throughout. It may occur that a repeting treatment to be done in every 2-3 year  because of a neglected hair, but this individual pendant. From the neglected hairs: not all of our hairs grow simultaneously, there are so called growth cycles of the hair follicle. Those hair follicle can be treated which is at its growth period, that is why 6 treatments should be done to have permanent results.