When should you see
an internal medicine?

Nowadays, although we may live longer, it does not matter at all in what quality. It’s not enough to just look good on the outside, we have to constantly take care of our body as a whole, inside and out.

With a poor quality of life and continuous stress, the balance of our organization can easily be upset, and various diseases can develop, the causes of which are often not an easy task to discover and treat.

When we feel that we are not well in terms of health, but are uncertain about our symptoms, it is worth contacting an internist.

Internal medicine is a specialized field of medicine that examines our internal organs, with particular attention to cardiovascular complaints, disorders around the liver and gall bladder, and stomach and kidney diseases.

You should consult an internist with the following symptoms:

  • In the case of blood pressure lability, suspected cardiac arrhythmia, difficulty breathing and chest pressure
  • In connection with certain complaints of dizziness and malaise associated with fainting. The background of pathological fatigue must be clarified in every case
  • Abnormal blood sugar and blood fat values ​​are also an internal medicine issue
  • Common complaints include indigestion and abdominal pain
  • A change in the water circulation and a flood can often be caused by internal diseases
  • Recurring fever – fever, weight loss, anemia always requires a thorough examination

Our internal medicine staff working at Villa Medicina are not only dedicated to their work, but also pay special attention to the recovery of their patients, the prevention of their illnesses, and the rehabilitation following illnesses.

During the internal medicine examination, our specialists ask our patients about their current complaints, take a detailed history of their health, including previous diseases in their family, and then during the general physical examination, they take an EKG and measure blood pressure.

Our internists will determine what our patients need to do in order to recover based on the results obtained during the detailed examination.

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