Our Clinic

Villa Medicina is a private clinic for gynaecology that opened on 15 September 2014, and is located now at 68 Németvölgyi Street (16 Szendi Street), 1126 Budapest. The clinic existed previously and catered to patients under the name of Pro Gyno Med Kft. since 2003.

In the beginning, the clinic provided pre-natal care and offered gynaecological services. We did complete gynaecological ultrasound diagnostic examinations, and offered our patients the opportunity to do blood tests at convenient hours, without having to wait in line.

Today, we offer our patients an entire array of gynaecological and pre-natal services, with our professional knowledge and corresponding to the latest standards. We offer the best possible environment for our patients and work with state-of-the-art equipment and methods.

“We pursue healing services in a devoted manner according to European standards, using high quality instruments and equipment, firmly relying on the professionalism of our staff. Our goal is to provide the most adequate healthcare to our patients and heal them in a quiet environment. We aim to establish a long-term relationship based on trust and confidence.” (Dr. Kia)
(Dr. Kia)