Villa Medicina

We pursue healing services in a devoted manner according to European standards, using high quality instruments and equipment, firmly relying on the professionalism of our staff.


Our services aim at health preservation and disease prevention, with expert care for physical and mental well-being.


Our patients' trust is fundamental; we build this with personalized treatments and transparent communication.


We are committed to quality care, using the latest technologies and methods.


At the heart of the patient-doctor relationship is honest communication and collaboration, for the best care.


Regular screening and complaint management with high professional competence for the preservation of women's health.

Fetal Medicine

Genetic counseling and screening aimed at the timely recognition and treatment of developmental abnormalities and chromosome issues.


A quick and painless method for examining the condition of internal organs, with accurate diagnoses, aiding in early detection.


Capturing the exciting moments of expecting a baby with in-uterine images, providing memorable experiences for parents.

Prenatal Care

Continuous health monitoring during pregnancy to ensure maximum safety and well-being for the fetus and mother.

Internal Medicine

Comprehensive services in internal medicine from disease prevention to cure, supporting a healthy lifestyle.


Diagnosing and treating a wide spectrum of hormonal disorders with the latest therapeutic options, considering individual needs.



Investigating the causes of infertility and developing long-term, successful treatment strategies to help fulfill the dream of parenthood.

Blood Tests

Assessing general health and investigating diseases in comfortable, stress-free conditions with experienced professionals.

Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal using the latest laser technology, safe for all skin types, comfortable and effective.

Gynecological Incontinence

Thorough investigation of causes and provision of personalized, effective treatment options to regain quality of life.


The latest surgical techniques and expert care ensure patient satisfaction and healing, for a safe and rapid recovery.

Package Offers

With our package offers, we provide customized solutions at an affordable price, making high-quality healthcare accessible to everyone.

Specialists for all your problems

We perform the noble service of healing at European standards with our high-quality equipment and the professional professionalism of our staff. Our goal is to provide our patients with appropriate care, cure, and health preservation in a calm environment, as well as to build a long-term and confidential relationship.

Our hospital background:

Opening hours

Monday: 8.00 – 18.00
Tuesday - Thursday: 8.00 – 19.00
Friday: Closed


Public transport: tram 59 to Zólyomi Stairs or buses 102, 110, 112 to Apor Vilmos Square

By car: 1124 Budapest Németvölgyi út 68. (Szendi u. 16.)


Attention! Outside of our current opening hours, you can only access our assistants or book an appointment via email! Our phone is out of order outside opening hours! To request a consultation date please click on Our Team menu item.

* Please note that some of our doctors have their own assistant to manage your appointment!
Please come ALONE for your appointment to the clinic because attendants are not allowed! Exceptions to this are genetic testing and Our expectant mothers arriving at the 4D-5D Baby cinema, where 1 (!) Attendant is allowed!

Parking Opportunity

Attention! Unfortunately, there is no parking opportunity for our patients in the garden of our clinic, parking is possible in the surrounding streets (Szendi árok, Szendi utca) or in the nearby Hegyvidék Központ.
Parking zone: 06 20/30/70 763 3122
Furthermore, we would like to inform you that it is forbidden to stand on the sidewalk (Szendi árok) to the right next to the clinic! Illegally parked can be fined and / or wheel clamped by police officers.

More informations

Attention! Outside our current opening hours you can only contact our Assistants via email or book an appointment! Our telephone contact is ONLY outside opening hours!
Pro Gyno Med Kft.
TAX number: 13074571-2-43
Account number: 11712004-29907810

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