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PrenaTest is a fast, accurate, and non-invasive prenatal test that can detect the same abnormalities such as, Down Syndrome and other numerical chromosomal abnormalities as the invasive methods, without the risk to the fetus from the expecting mother’s blood.

PrenaTest is the first non-invasive German-developed test in Europe, offering individualised prenatal screening from the 9th week of pregnancy, offering three test options.

PrenaTest Basic

PrenaTest Optimum

PrenaTest Plus

PrenaTest ORIGIN


PrenaTest TOTAL

It is important that before selecting any of our non-invasive genetic tests, please consult your physician or request an appointment for genetic consultation so that you can be informed as best as possible about the various tests and choose the test that best suits you. In the event of a gynecological complaint, please make an appointment with one of our obstetrician-gynecologists by clicking the button below.