Nowadays, you can hear more and more about the importance of eating healthy food, eating several meals a day, avoiding sugar and sweets, or even exercise, in order to avoid obesity and various diseases. However, what happens if we overdo it and not only pay attention to what we eat, how much and when, but our life is no longer about anything else, only the convulsive concern to eat healthy, in precisely measured amounts and at the precise time.

This kind of convulsive attention can cause addiction, which is now called orthorexia nervosa.

Orthorexia nervosa means a narrowed way of thinking and seeing, during which the patient only focuses on acquiring, preparing, and eating what he considers to be healthy food, while completely shutting out the world around him. He doesn't go out for fun or hospitality, he doesn't have a social life, and he immediately feels guilty if he eats a less healthy meal or doesn't eat it exactly at the time it was planned for.

This disease can be triggered either by a diet or by the fear of diseases and various changes in the body, which can be accompanied by anxiety and constant worry.

With certain diets, it is very important to adhere to the prescribed amount and timing of meals, but we try to incorporate these into our everyday life as soon as possible and apply them routinely, making sure that we avoid everyday stress and do not destroy our well-established human relationships.