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FAQ - Baby Cinema

When is the best time for a Baby Cinema examination?

The optimal period is between the 26th and 32nd weeks of pregnancy. The examination can still be performed after the 32nd week, provided that the fetus's position allows it.

It is essential that the face of the foetus is free and that there is a sufficient amount of amniotic fluid in front of it. Very often, they cover themselves with their hands, legs or a piece of umbilical cord, which we try to counteract by positioning the Fetus, walking or eating something sweet or drinking something to ensure a successful examination.

This type of test does not require much preparation. It is worth observing which foods and drinks the foetus will be most active on and consuming them about half an hour before the test. If you know what time of day the foetus is most active, this may also help you to choose the time of the test.

We recommend it to anyone who wants to get an insight into the life of their new baby, to see his or her moments, expressions, moods and to share this wonderful time with the whole family. It's worth knowing that not all tests are successful at first, because unfortunately the baby doesn't know what we expect from him yet. However, a successful scan can show wonderful things, even a little smile or grimace, which you can look back on for a long time after the scan with the help of the recorded images.